Achieving goals is a major part of our sport. Equestrians are committed, driven individuals and we like to see results, whether thats rosettes, prize money, or qualification. As our sport develops we must strive for better and better results without compromising horse welfare. Marginal gains now play a huge role in equestrianism and a major element of hidden success lies in rider fitness and harmony within the horse/rider partnership.

An imbalanced rider will negatively affect their horse, causing compensatory musculoskeletal changes, leading to a reduction in performance and ultimately causing pain to that animal.

Working with Epona will give you the tools to improve your fitness, strength and balance in the saddle and will help you achieve your goals. We work on a 1:1 basis giving riders and their horses targeted training programmes based on their individual assessment findings.

Rider Support:

Rider Injury Rehabilitation: specialist assessment, diagnosis and treatment for riders carrying injuries/ imbalances/ musculoskeletal problems. Sessions include rehab exercise prescription.

Rider Performance Assessment: ridden assessment on your own horse highlighting rider issues and their impact on your horse. Sessions include rider treatment and rehab exercise prescription.

Rider Fitness Sessions: private fitness sessions on a 1:1 or group basis at your home or livery yard with Equestrian Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist. Combination fitness session incorporating cardio, strength, flexibility and stability work.

Equine Management

Horses are performance athletes regardless of the level at which you are riding/ competing, physiotherapy is an essential part of their management and regular sessions will improve their comfort, wellbeing and performance. At Epona we work closely with you the rider to establish your goals and help you achieve them through careful management of both horse and rider. We use a combination of manual therapies and exercise prescription to give you the tools to be the best performance partnership you can possibly be. Physio should not be reserved for injury rehabilitation but rather seen as the key to injury prevention, fitness and performance management for the equine athlete.